We provide high quality

food for the world

Ervik Seafood passionately and respectfully sources sustainable seafood, prioritizing careful handling for top quality and taste while minimizing environmental impact. Our vision is to deliver high-quality food globally.

Stable supply – Confidence and respect

We have unique access to the best raw material from our mother company and our partners in the fishery. In this way we have a direct influence to sharpen the sourcing after customer demand.

Our quality department secure that our products meets customers expectations, and further that traceability goes all the way back to the fishing ground.

We highly respect our partners and believe that mutual understanding of each others’ marketing mix (product/quality, pricing, transport/punctuality.

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Fresh frozen

Our line-caught fish undergoes a rigorous process to maintain its exceptional quality. From the moment it's caught, it's handled with care and expertise, ensuring that only the finest specimens make it to your plate. Likewise, our crab, swiftly cooked right after being harvested from the sea, undergoes a meticulous freezing process to lock in its succulent taste and texture. This commitment to freshness and excellence is what sets our 'fresh frozen' seafood apart, offering a culinary experience that delights seafood lovers across the globe.

From the ocean to your plate

With passion and respect Ervik Seafood supply seafood from sustainable resources.
Our overarching goal is that the seafood should be handled carefully throughout the value chain, in order to contain the best quality and taste, with the vaguest possible footprint in nature, when it reaches the customers.

Our vision is to provide high quality food for the world.

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Ervik Havfiske - the mother company

Ervik Havfiske is a Norwegian company specializing in deep-sea fishing and maritime services. They're known for their modern fleet, skilled crews, and commitment to sustainable practices. With a rich history, they're pioneers in harvesting high-quality seafood off the Norwegian coast, while also engaging in vessel management, logistics, and seafood processing

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Snow crab

In the icy waters of the northern seas, skilled fishermen capture the elusive snow crab using specialized traps. Once aboard, the finest specimens are swiftly frozen on the vessel, preserving their succulent flavor and delicate texture. Upon arrival at your table, the thawing crab bursts with the sweetness of the sea, offering a fresh and amazing culinary experience that transports you to the untamed beauty of the ocean.

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In the bountiful waters of the ocean, skilled fishermen haul in wild-caught prawns using their expertise and specialized equipment. These succulent treasures are swiftly frozen on board, preserving their freshness and flavor. When served, the thawing prawns release the essence of the sea, offering a culinary delight that transports you to the heart of the ocean's bounty.

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